Cartostrip, manufacturers of handheld stripping machines, announce that they are working with Koenig and Bauer on the promotion of their equipment.

A Cartostrip unit, together with demonstration videos, will be available to see at their Customer Experience Centre in Radebeul, Germany.

“We are pleased to be working with Cartostrip as it gives us a valuable opportunity to show customers what options are available to them for die-cut stripping,” says Sascha Fischer, Senior Manager for Product Marketing and Management

For Cartostrip, MD Richard Alcock, comments: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a prestigious company as Koenig and Bauer to show customers, not buying blanking die-cutters, how they can improve their stripping process and save both time and money”

By popular request, manufacturers of the widely used handheld stripper, Cartostrip have introduced a new model to their range, aimed at the corrugated and heavy-duty solid board converting market.

Universal stripper- detail“The Universal has an uprated drive unit and a super hardened stripping chain and we have been able to achieve this without increasing the weight of the machine,” says MD Richard Alcock. “ We are confident that the new machine is what the market has been looking for to improve stripping departments and throughput, and we have high hopes for it”

The first UK sales of the unit have gone to Solidus, the Dutch-based parent company, at its facility in the Midlands.

As users of Cartostrip equipment know, safety is of paramount importance to us.

We manufacture the dual valve machine which ensures that both hands have to be on the machine to operate it. Remove either hand and the machine stops instantly.

Not that long ago we were sent a horrific image illustrating the danger of using single-valve machines. The works manager of the company thought he would save money by buying a cheap copy of the Cartostrip. The operator held down the top sheet of board on the stack to be stripped and operated the machine single-handed. It skidded across the sheet and made contact with the operator’s hand, resulting in this injury. The works manager was sacked, and the customer bought four complete systems from us.

Claims for industrial accident compensation can be very costly. Is it really worth the risk to save a little money when the Cartostrip ROI is probably only a few months, which can’t be said for most pieces of production equipment?

With North America being a huge market, Cartostrip Ltd. manufacturers of the acclaimed hand held stripping unit, have joined forces with Best Graphics Group of Waukesha, Wisconsin, to promote its equipment across the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

“As Best Graphics represent major manufacturers of box making equipment, their setup and the synergy between our two companies is perfect for the representation of Cartostrip in North America” comments Richard Alcock, MD of Cartostrip.

AJ Brahm, partner in Best Graphics, says “We’ve known Richard and the Cartostrip staff for a long time. Best Graphics is pleased to be awarded distribution of their terrific product line for North America. “Often copied, never bettered” is their motto and the Cartostrip hand held stripper will complement our Flat Bed Diecutter offerings at a time when facilities are looking for operational efficiencies and lead time improvements.”

Cartostrip reports strong overseas sales in ’23, particularly in Europe.

Cartostrip, manufacturers of hand-held die-cut waste stripping equipment, has formed an alliance with die-maker Crosland Cutters Ltd, appointing them official re-sellers of the Cartostrip range of equipment.

“The synergy between the two companies is perfect as they have the same customers in common and can promote one another. It would also be fair to say that, being a market leader in die-cut waste stripping equipment, the opportunity to work with a die-making market leader is ideal” says Cartostrip sales manager, Ben Crichton.

Cartostrip had some excellent sales in the latter part of 2022 to the POP and display sector. It has started strongly with a multiple order to an international prestige box manufacturer as well as sales to the corrugated trade and two units to Costa Rica. The company has also appointed two new agents to promote in Europe, Mecanelec for France and Stallinjestans for the Scandinavian market.

This year is looking bright says Richard Alcock, MD of Cartostrip

Visit Crosland Cutters Ltd here

By popular demand from the corrugated box sector, Cartostrip has designed an extremely powerful and robust hand-held diecut waste stripping unit which can reduce the time involved in hand stripping by up to 85%.

Cartostrip manufacture in the UK to the highest standards for safety, durability and reliability. The company are receiving great interest in the new Compact Pro model, which plugs a gap in the processing of corrugated diecut waste stripping.

It features a quiet but powerful pneumatic drive unit with little vibration and two-handed operation for safety.

It has been bought by corrugated plants during lockdown to help maintain and even improve productivity while staff have been forced to self-isolate due to Covid-19 exposure.

Cartostrip has received the following comments from two recent customers

“The machine has made the most difference in production for the least sum invested in a long while and the ROI will be short too”

“This innovative hand-held tool has made the stripping of die-cut work so much easier for our operators. Thanks to the huge time savings offered by this product, it has easily paid for itself inside of six months. It has made such a difference to the department and paid for itself over and over.”

Cartostrip sells equally as well to the folding carton market.

The Cartostrip hand-held diecut waste stripper in action

Cartostrip has had an excellent first quarter of 2021 despite the Covid pandemic.

Many packaging companies have experienced increased demand and have turned to Cartostrip to help improve the throughput of work. The Cartostrip Compact for folding carton board, and the Compact Pro for corrugated have proved themselves time and again in saving a significant amount of time in the stripping department, paying for themselves over and again.

Four machines have gone to the USA, two to Saudi Arabia, two to Nigeria and several single machine sales to Europe and the UK.

We are still experiencing high levels of interest from all sectors of the industry including display and POS manufacturers

Sales continue on the up for hand held stripping devices

Cartostrip Ltd, makers of hand held die-cut waste stripping equipment, report brisk sales in the last quarter, both domestically and overseas. Units have been shipped to converters in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece, as well as a multiple unit order to the USA, through distributor Young Shin USA. The first order has been placed for Poland by newly appointed distributor Intergrafix Sp, who will also cover the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Corrugated sheet plant, South West Packaging of Gillingham, Dorset are among recent UK orders. “From the start of the sales demonstration we were hooked,” commented Patrick Connolly, Sales Manager. “We purchased the whole system, including turntable and balancer, to enable us to handle waste better. The machine has made the most difference in production for the least sum invested in a long while – and the ROI will be short too.”

Cartonage in Dewsbury bought three units. “We have been hand stripping die-cut cartons for over 20 year, because we believed it was the most efficient way to do it. When we saw the Cartostrip in use, we realised that we were wrong,” said Phil Webster of Cartonage. “ We saw the potential and bought three units. Even on complicated sheets, with a little forward planning, the Cartostrip strips them in no time.”

“We are working with one of the big UK groups to replace all their old units,” comments Richard Alcock, Managing Director of Cartostrip Ltd. “Their Health and Safety officers are particularly taken with the Cartostrip Compact, as it is the only two handed operation machine available.”

This article was first published in in March 2017.

Richard Alcock, Managing Director of Cartostrip Ltd, reports increased overseas sales in recent months, with machines going to the USA, Spain, Nigeria, Sweden and Poland. UK sales have held up in both the carton and corrugated sectors.

STI Line of Gillingham, Kent, are a recent customer who have seen the benefit of using the machines. Says STI Line Production Manager, John Dighton, “After looking for a way to improve efficiency in the stripping area by eliminating manual stripping, we started looking into stripping machines. We have always been aware of these but our nervousness was that these were being used to strip waste from cartonboard of which we use very little. After months of research, a supplier recommended Cartostrip and after looking at their tool, decided to arrange a demonstration. To be honest I was convinced that this demo would be unsuccessful but I was proved wrong. Even on doublewall board, it stripped the pallet in no time!”

Mr Dighton continues, “Cartostrip let us have the stripping tool on a trial period and after carrying out time trials versus manual stripping, it was 50 per cent quicker every time. We were that impressed we decided to purchase two of the machines which will pay for themselves in a matter of  months.” He concludes, “Not only have we reduced labour costs in the stripping department, we have also eliminated damages from manual stripping.”