Keep your die-cut waste in one place with Cartoturn

Easy Loading

Ramped edge for easy pallet truck loading.


Ultra low profile ideal in space confined areas

Free Turning

Does not tighten or bind under load.

No Hassle

Virtually maintenance free.

Safe Use

Lock prevents accidental rotation.

"Made the most difference in production for the least sum invested in a long while."

Patrick ConnollySouth West Packaging

"The best unit on the market today.  Every boxmaker should have one."Robert Davison MD Alexir Packaging
"I only wish we had bought one sooner."

James Wicks The Box Factory

"We bought the turntable too,  making stripping so much more efficient."

James Wicks The Box Factory



The Cartoturn pallet turntable enables the diecuts being stripped to be turned so that all the waste is in one area rather than all round the machine.  Ideal for use in conjunction with a waste conveyor or cyclone system.

Can also be used for simplifying accurate pallet loading with finished work.  Supplied with screw-in tine lug for movement by fork truck.


Safe Working Load2000kg
Turntable Diameter1100mm
Overall Diameter1240mm
Tare Weight100kg

Orders and Enquiries

For more information or to order your Cartoturn, please contact us here.

“We had been looking for a way to improve and speed up our hand stripping and the Cartostrip system is exactly what we were after. We now achieve cleanly stripped, undamaged stacks of work in a fraction of the time it used to take by hand. We’ve also greatly improved our waste handling with the Cartoturn. The investment will pay for itself in a few short months.”