Cartostrip for STI line

Richard Alcock, Managing Director of Cartostrip Ltd, reports increased overseas sales in recent months, with machines going to the USA, Spain, Nigeria, Sweden and Poland. UK sales have held up in both the carton and corrugated sectors.

STI Line of Gillingham, Kent, are a recent customer who have seen the benefit of using the machines. Says STI Line Production Manager, John Dighton, “After looking for a way to improve efficiency in the stripping area by eliminating manual stripping, we started looking into stripping machines. We have always been aware of these but our nervousness was that these were being used to strip waste from cartonboard of which we use very little. After months of research, a supplier recommended Cartostrip and after looking at their tool, decided to arrange a demonstration. To be honest I was convinced that this demo would be unsuccessful but I was proved wrong. Even on doublewall board, it stripped the pallet in no time!”

Mr Dighton continues, “Cartostrip let us have the stripping tool on a trial period and after carrying out time trials versus manual stripping, it was 50 per cent quicker every time. We were that impressed we decided to purchase two of the machines which will pay for themselves in a matter of  months.” He concludes, “Not only have we reduced labour costs in the stripping department, we have also eliminated damages from manual stripping.”

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