Cartostrip launches new more powerful diecut waste stripper

Hand held diecut stripping machine handle

By popular demand from the corrugated box sector, Cartostrip has designed an extremely powerful and robust hand-held diecut waste stripping unit which can reduce the time involved in hand stripping by up to 85%.

Cartostrip manufacture in the UK to the highest standards for safety, durability and reliability. The company are receiving great interest in the new Compact Pro model, which plugs a gap in the processing of corrugated diecut waste stripping.

It features a quiet but powerful pneumatic drive unit with little vibration and two-handed operation for safety.

It has been bought by corrugated plants during lockdown to help maintain and even improve productivity while staff have been forced to self-isolate due to Covid-19 exposure.

Cartostrip has received the following comments from two recent customers

“The machine has made the most difference in production for the least sum invested in a long while and the ROI will be short too”

“This innovative hand-held tool has made the stripping of die-cut work so much easier for our operators. Thanks to the huge time savings offered by this product, it has easily paid for itself inside of six months. It has made such a difference to the department and paid for itself over and over.”

Cartostrip sells equally as well to the folding carton market.

The Cartostrip hand-held diecut waste stripper in action

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