As users of Cartostrip equipment know, safety is of paramount importance to us.

We manufacture the dual valve machine which ensures that both hands have to be on the machine to operate it. Remove either hand and the machine stops instantly.

Not that long ago we were sent a horrific image illustrating the danger of using single-valve machines. The works manager of the company thought he would save money by buying a cheap copy of the Cartostrip. The operator held down the top sheet of board on the stack to be stripped and operated the machine single-handed. It skidded across the sheet and made contact with the operator’s hand, resulting in this injury. The works manager was sacked, and the customer bought four complete systems from us.

Claims for industrial accident compensation can be very costly. Is it really worth the risk to save a little money when the Cartostrip ROI is probably only a few months, which can’t be said for most pieces of production equipment?